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Questions? Answers!

Processing Time(Very Important)

Orders are being processed in 3-5 business days. This time does not include the day it will be shipped, this is specifically for getting orders printed.

Processing days: Mondays-Friday

Note: Sat/Sun/Holidays are NOT processing times for us and does not count towards your processing days.

Your processing time starts the day after you purchase. So if you purchase on Monday, processing starts on Tuesday.

Orders will be handed off to USPS the next business day after the last day of your processing window.

Our transfers are printed to order, thus our processing time will reflect our order volume.

Transit time will depend on your shipping selection at checkout. Your shipping selection DOES NOT change the current processing time, only your transit time with USPS.

Shipping Speeds & Delays (Very Important)

While we sympathize with any delays caused by our shipping partners, we cannot assume responsibility or fault once we have dropped your package off to the shipping partners.

In our experience, UPS has been more reliable and consistent with shipping orders. However, we offer multiple shipping options for you to make a decision.

Shipping time for USPS:

  • USPS GROUND ADVANTAGE-Low rates for packages with expected delivery in 2-5 business days. Per USPS, does not guarantee delivery by a certain date.
  • PRIORITY MAIL-You're sending important items that need to arrive in 1-3 business days. Per USPS, does not guarantee delivery by a certain date.
  • PRIORITY MAIL EXPRESS-You're sending something urgent that must arrive next-day or 2-day.You need date-certain delivery with money-back guarantee.

Shipping Speeds for UPS:

  • UPS® Ground-Delivery commitment: 1-5 business days . Delivery based on distance to destination.
  • UPS 3 Day Select-Delivery commitment: 3 business days. Delivery by end of day.
  • UPS 2nd Day Air-Delivery commitment: 2 business days .Delivery typically by end of day. Ideal for shipments that do not need overnight service
  • UPS Next Day Air Saver-Delivery commitment: Next business day. Delivery by end of day. Guaranteed next-day delivery.

Washing Finished Garments

After multiple and frequent wash tests, we have determined that the nest way to wash your finished products is as follows:

  • Wash in cold water, inside/out
  • Tumble dry on low heat
  • DO NOT use bleach. These chemicals will eat through your transfer and ruin them.

Can I Use A Cricut Easy Press?

Yes! While we encourage a heat press for the best press quality and longevity, our transfers can also be applied using the Cricut Easy Press.

Here's how you do it:

-Set your temperature at 350 degrees F.

-Press your garment for 5 seconds to release moisture.

-Apply your Best Transfer and press using heavy pressure for 30 seconds.

-Let the transfer cool and then slowly cold peel starting from the corner.

-If the corner is not fully applied to the garment, Repress the transfer.

-Once peeled, cover with parchment parper and press for a final 30 seconds.

Now you're ready to rock!

What Are DTF Transfers?

A direct to film transfer is a full color image, printed on a film using professional textile inks that are specially created to bind to fabrics in as close to a permanent fashion as possible.

No vinyl cutting!

No weeding!

No layering!

No turning down orders b/c of quantity or color difficulty! 

Print on any color fabric. Cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blend and more.

All you need is your heat press! 

I Pressed My Transfer Wrong and It Messed Up. Will You Replace It?

We will not replace any transfers that were improperly adhered. Please ensure that you have sufficient knowledge of how to use your heat press by ensuring you apply enough pressure and heat at the correct temperature.

Proper application is solely the responsibility of the buyer.

Can You Resize and Edit My Image for Me?

If you are unable to proberly ensure that your artwork meets the requirements for printing, we do offer artwork correction services for a fee of $25. This correction will add 1-3 days onto your processing time.

Artwork correction includes ensuring it is 300dpi or more, has a transparent background, and is high quality.

*We will not make corrections to screenshots and we will not print any screenshots uploaded to us.* Your order will be cancelled and refunded if artwork is not properly formatted.

My Item Arrived Damaged, Who do I contact?

We strive our best to ensure high quality products to your door for you and/or your customers. If an item arrives to you damaged, please reach out to our customer service department at

I Found a Design That Costs. Will You Buy It and Add it to Your Store?

Pre-made designs are updated regularly with designs that we are interested in placing in our store. If you find a design that you would like, we will not purchase the design on your behalf. You would purchase the design yourself and upload it to the custom transfers product option.

We will not add any of your designs to our shop for sale by others, unless we also choose to purchase that same design later.