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Build Your Gang Sheet

Build Your Gang Sheet

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Build Your Gang Sheet Here

**Feathered, shadow, and gradient edges WILL NOT print properly. Please remove those type of edges from your images before uploading. **


What is a gang sheet?

* You should be able to fit two 11in wide images side by side.*

Printing multiple images on one sheet of paper is called a “Gang Sheet”. Gang sheets are perfect when you have multiple images using the same colors and when you need multiple sizes of the same design.

Printed by the sheet. The more you can fit on the sheet, the lower the cost per image. Be sure that all of your individual images are sized to the size that you want. We will not resize images.


How do I create a gang sheet?

 Step #1-Create your document size to the sheet size that you are purchasing.  You must do this in your own drawing program such as Adobe Illustrator, Canva, Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop.

Step #2-Go to the Document Color mode and select CMYK (this will give you the best color accuracy as our printer used CMYK mode)

Step #3-Begin placing your images on the sheet.  Be sure to adjust any sizes if necessary to allow enough room for all of the images to fit.  Be sure to allow at least .5" in between for you to be safely able to cut them apart.  We do not cut gang sheets.

Step #4-Save your completed gang sheet as a png file (transparent background).

Once you complete these 4 easy steps, you can then upload your gang sheet.

We recommend you leave yourself at least .25” in between each image if your planning on cutting the images apart using scissors. If you plan on using a “chop” style cutting boards, we recommend you use at least ½” in between each designs and place your images in straight cutting lines.

Please ensure the following requests before submitting your image:

  1. Image must be a PNG/ TRANSPARENT background only.

  2. Must be no less than 300 dpi image quality. 

  3. High resolution.

  4. No screenshots.


We are not responsible for images sent to us with bad resolution or bad quality. We will print images how they are uploaded. 

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Shundreka Lawson

Build Your Gang Sheet

Renae Robinson
Vibrant Colors

The colors are the most vibrant that I've seen from any vendor. Delivery is super fast and the customer service is A1. I highly recommend!

Paige Eby, Midwest Designs LLC
Great Customer Service & Product

We had a small printing issue and they took care of it right away!